Morning Walks and The Farmer's Market

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Saturday morning, my family decided to take a little walk downtown to see the farmer's market and get out of the house. Living in a place that I would not define as beautiful, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the cool 60 degree weather and bright colors that greeted us along our walk.

I do wish Texas had more of a winter, but you can't see lovely flowers blooming naturally in most places at the moment. These were everywhere!

I'm not sure whether the houses and fences or the flowers were brighter on the back roads!

At last we arrived to the farmer's market. 


Isn't everything just so lovely and fresh looking? If I had enough money, I would've bought all the fruits and vegetables! Freshly grown and so so cheap and locally grown = perfect! 

Live music was also playing. Added bonus!

These little plants are giving me such a Spring Fever! When can we start planting again? I'm ready to plant flowers!

If you've never been to your local farmer's market, I highly recommend it. What could be better than fresh, locally grown foods for a low price? Or you can buy plants and other handmade trinkets. Either way it's a win win situation!

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