April Flowers!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sometimes living in Texas isn't fun. When it's 105F with no breeze in the middle of June, it's hard to find reasons to like Texas. In April, however, when there is no snow on the ground and wild flowers everywhere, my list of reasons goes on for miles.

Bluebonnets line the highways of Texas in the Spring. It's seriously the most beautiful sight! The blue color seems endless! I completely understand why these are the state flowers.

The George Bush Library on the Texas A&M campus has hundreds of tulips everywhere. They were such a Springy/Eastery sight. While everyone was complaining about snow on Easter, I was literally taking time to smell the flowers. Winning.

This tulip was the only red and white one in the whole garden. My family decided to call it the 'NC State Tulip'. Is that sacrilegious to A&M? Woops.

Even though it may be snowing where you are, don't give up hope! Spring is definitely on it's way!

If it is really way too wintery where you are to even think about warm weather and flowers, why not make some Chocolate Chip Granola and eat it straight from the oven? Or why not just make it in general? It's good, scout's honor.

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