George Bush Library!

Monday, April 08, 2013

On Easter Sunday, (Yes, I'm aware that was over a week ago.) my family spent some time at the George Bush Library. The actual inside of the library wasn't open, but the gardens in the back, which are the best part, were.

Every time I go to College Station, my dad and I run every day. It's so much fun to run through a college campus in the morning when everyone is probably hungover asleep. I don't remember how we originally found the George Bush Library Gardens, but I do remember it was 30 degrees out, we both were wearing just shorts and a shirt, and we still had 4 miles until we got back to the hotel. 

Needless to say, it was probably the most fun run I've ever been on, so of course we had to bring my mom and brother to see our favorite running spot. As you can see, my mom had to stop and smell the tulips first.

The front of the library has a ton of flowers, but the best part is behind the actual building.

Behind the building is a lake. One where you can catch and release fish. It's the real deal. 

My favorite part of the lake is the little lake house with flowers everywhere. 

There were roses everywhere, and they smelled so good. My mom probably could have spent the whole morning smelling roses, but some people were coming, so we continued on.

I could seriously fill pages of my blog with pictures of the flowers in this garden, but instead I'll just show you a few. Oh, and I made them a bit smaller so you don't have to scroll for hours!

At the end of the flower garden, there is a little bridge. My brother and I kept calling it the Bridge to Terebithia. I have no explanation for that. It just happened. 

Wanting a little Easter adventure, we decided to see what was beyond the bridge. Also, if you're wondering why there was the need for a bridge in the first place, there is a little creek under it. Because of the drought it was pretty dry, and I thought it looked to pitiful to take a picture of!

After we crossed the bridge, we found a little picnic area, but the path went on. (I know this suddenly sounds mysterious or creepy, but trust me, it's not.)

At the end of the path are graves. There's one for George Bush and his wife, and their already deceased daughter is buried. (I had no idea they had a daughter that died!)

It was kind of weird seeing where a president would be buried. They even had his name up and ready for he does die. Kind of sad for Easter morning festivities!

After we saw the graves, we recrossed the Bridge to Terebithia to see one last garden.

After our Easter adventure, we went back to watch the Elite 8 play in NCAA basketball. After all, what would any March day be without March Madness?

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