Texas College Tour Part 1: College Station!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

During my Spring Break I took a mini college tour around Texas visiting 3 colleges. I visited Texas A&M University, The University of Texas at Austin, and Baylor University. Since I took nearly 2000 pictures during my trip, I thought it would be cool to do a 3 part blog series that gives a mini tour of each university. Since the first college I visited was A&M and it's where my brother goes to school, I figured it would be a good place to start!

I started my tour early on a Friday morning. I had already gone through the campus running, but you can't stop to take pictures when you have to get back to your hotel before breakfast ends! 

I decided I wanted to go the MSC or Student Center. My motive may or may not have been that I really wanted to eat at Rev's Grill, but I figured either way it would make a pretty walk that could later turn into a pretty blog post. Killing two birds with one stone. That's how I roll. Food and blogging. What else do you need?

Anyways, my brother, being the older sibling and liking to be the leader and all, became my personal tour guide for the day. He put up with me until I wanted to stop the tour and take 20 pictures of a fountain and building he walks by everyday. He just doesn't understand! #BlogLife

We passed the Education Center on our way to the Student Center. Enter my mom and references about how this is where she we go to class if she went to A&M. You guessed it. She's a teacher. Isn't it funny that teachers find joy in dreaming about going back to school when that's where they are practically 24/7? 

This is one of my favorite buildings on campus. I love the old architecture of this building and other ones on college campuses. I hate the new buildings around the country that are flat, square, orange brick buildings with no style or class. They're becoming so common! #TheStruggle #MainstreamBuildings

So what's significant about this path you may ask? Actually nothing. This is simply a documentation of me taking my awkward stalker skills to a whole new level. I thought it would be cute to take a picture of the couple walking in front of me on such a pretty day. Now I think I've officially hit Captain Creeper status.

Anyways, we had to pass Sully's statue. At A&M you put a penny on this statue for good luck. With a math final coming up, I may have put more than one penny. Does it work that way? Hopefully I got extra luck!

We finally arrived to the MSC after a 20 minute walk to get there! Call me a nerd, but I thought all of the bicycles outside of it were really cool looking. My brother doesn't have/want a bike, but I'm definitely getting one when I go to college. I get really excited just thinking about it. I know, it's weird.

This is just the front entrance of the MSC. Like everything else at A&M, the builders took the saying 'Go Big or Go Home' to heart. I guess it is Texas...

Here are some other views of the building just to give you an idea just how big it really is! Other colleges take note: Modern architecture does not have to be ugly. The MSC is a prime example of this!

Instead of giving you a complete tour of the MSC, ( that would take hours!) I'm going to keep it sweet and simple. I've picked two areas of the MSC that are my personal favorites. Rev's Grill (pictured above) is without a doubt one of these. In fact, it may be my favorite. Anyways, I already dedicated a whole post to it here, so if you're interested in selling your soul to the food devil, click here. If I go to college at Texas A&M, this grill will seriously be the reason I gain the freshmen 15. Or 30.

My second favorite place in the MSC is the Flag Room. It has it's own piano that students can play on. For example, this picture was taken right before a girl started playing Pitch Perfect songs. I was so fangirling in the corner. Sorry about it. 

After not so secretly singing along to Pitch Perfect, I decided to complete my tour by going to church. Okay. Maybe I didn't actually go to a real church, but this one is pretty close. Right outside the MSC is Aggieland's church. You may recognize this as Kyle Field. Home of Johnny Football. Amen.

Three pictures of Kyle Field are necessary. Trust me. I'm not a crazy Aggie fan, and I don't actually think Kyle Field is a church, but I will admit they had a good football season! Oh, and apparently this stadium is going to get remodeled soon. Imagine trying to make that bigger? Whattt...

To finish my tour, I'll show you my brother's favorite view on campus. Pretty flowers, trees, and old buildings? Sounds like my cup of tea too. So, I hope you enjoyed my College Tour Part 1. Hopefully you feel a little more informed about the biggest university in Texas!

Next school coming up is Baylor University, but it seems you can never fully get away from Aggieland. At UT they say the eyes of Texas are upon you, but I didn't see any Longhorn barns on the way to Waco! Talk about major fans!

Get ready for College Tour Part 2 next week as I explore Baylor University in Waco, Texas. You could call it Katherine and Karen take Waco. Yes, Katherine and Karen are actually my name and my mom's name. Yes, that was a Kardashian reference.  Yes, I'm begging you to keep judgmental comments to yourself.

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  1. Looks like a really nice school! I can't wait to hear how Baylor University was :)


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