Whole Foods.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Are you salivating yet? The Peanut Butta Runna visited Whole Foods this past weekend, and let me tell you, I'm in love. Granola, nuts, fruits, and soups oh my! Can I just live in Whole Foods? 

When you first walk in, there's a grains section. People were probably wondering why I was so overexcited. If they knew I like oatmeal more than your average elderly person, then it would be completely understandable as to why I was awestruck over the various types of oats. I know. Loser status.

If my family didn't already want to disown me because of my reaction to the oats, they did after I found this nut butter sign. Since Lent is finally over, I can have peanut butter again. I've been in a state of deprivation,  so seeing peanut butter that was freshly ground was way too exciting.

Apparently I have tunnel vision though. While I was looking at the nut butter sign and these pre-filled containers of peanut butter, I didn't notice the bigger picture.

I didn't notice the Make your own nut butter station. Yes, putting that in bold and italics was necessary. 

I was such a tourist over this station. I tried to stealthily take pictures, but in the end it became an all out photoshoot.

I was such the stereotype of my blog in this moment as I stood in front of the nut butter machine. People watched as a teenage girl, wearing a cross country shirt and running shoes, grabbed a container and filled it up with freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter. I seriously didn't even think how funny it would be to get a picture of the Peanut Butter Runner eating fresh peanut butter with a running shirt/shoes on. Such a kodak moment. 

After I calmed down and sent a few tweets (Such a 21st century kid), I browsed through the granola and decided that my homemade kind was better. It's tough to beat any homemade granola, but Whole Food's Maple Brown Sugar Granola is a close second to my homemade kind. 

My parents had to remind me that there was more to the store than oats and nut butters after my 30th odd picture. My favorite soup in the whole wide world is Pacific Organic Tomato, so I followed their advice, and finally tore myself away from the nut butters, grains, and candy section in pursuit of the soup aisle.

Soup can only be so exciting. So guess where I headed? Well, I thought of my blog readers, and I knew just where I should go. You see, just in case you thought you would finish reading one of my blog posts without seeing the word oatmeal at least 20 times, here's the oatmeal section. I know you secretly wanted to see it. Don't lie. I did this for you. I wasn't even thinking of myself. Really.

So if anyone wants to be my new best friend and do yoga, make fresh nut butter, shop at whole foods, and share an apartment, just give me a call. We can be walking cliches. I don't mind. I'll even cook for you. Hopefully that doesn't sound too desperate. Oh wait, too late!

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