Antique Shopping and Border Wall Hopping!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There are not many things that I love more than an antique shop. Whether they are full of junk or treasures, I absolutely love them!

 Last weekend, my Dad and I decided to take a mini adventure that involved antique shopping and visiting the border wall. Oh, and don't let the title fool you. We didn't actually go border hopping. It just rhymed with shopping.  Stellar poetry skills over here.

I think old hats are just marvelous. I also like to imagine the women who once wore them. I was born in the wrong century. Why don't we wear hats everywhere? I would be fine with that!

This particular antique shop could probably be classified under the junk category, but any place that has such copious amounts of stuff deserves a look.

The whole shop wasn't a waste though! They had a lovely little tea room in the back. It was too early for it to be open when we stopped by, but I still think it's just the cutest little place to stop and have a cup of tea!

Isn't it funny that fabric and other sewing necessities now are in antique shops? How are things I grew up with starting to appear in antique shops?

After our little antique shop visits, my Dad and I decided to stretch our legs and take a walk throughout the rest of the downtown.

The temperature was just perfect, and the sky was so blue. I'm in love with the puffy white clouds that were out during our walk.


The historic homes downtown are also so adorable! So so simple, yet so so cute!

On the side of an old building, it had been repainted by a street artist! The drawings tell the history of our town. Oh how I wish I could paint!

The oldest are of the downtown is always my favorite. There's pictures of how the downtown looked in the 1920's on the sides of buildings, and it's always weird seeing how much things have changed.

Our downtown is literally right on the border of the United States and Mexico, so a lot of the little shops are named things in Spanish!

Right by the border, there are two gorgeous churches. Old churches are beautiful pieces of architecture! The little details of each church were so beautiful!

After visiting the churches, we finally arrived right by the border. What you see in the distance is Mexico! How many times can you see two countries at the same time in your lifetime?


We didn't cross into Mexico, but we got right up to the border wall to look! Isn't it weird that a small distance walk could bring us this close to another country? After visiting the border wall, we took the scenic route back to our car! Who knew exploring your own town is so much fun? Happy Tuesday!

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2 Happy Thoughts

  1. Whoa that is crazy how close you were to Mexico!

    1. I know! It's so normal to me, but sometimes I think about it and it really does seem crazy!


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