5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Halloween I got out of basketball practice at  7 PM. That left one whole hour to find the perfect costume to trick or treat in.

Let's just say an hour later, I was reluctantly donning a cat getup that I've had since I was 4. Please learn from my mistakes. Being a cat for the 3rd time isn't exactly thrilling.

If you're searching for a Halloween costume right now, I think it's safe to say that you're pretty desperate. Never fear, I've rounded up 5 last minute ideas that even I could pull off. (and that's saying something!)

On an off note, at least I wasn't a Pro Golfer like the guy on the right. I was a teensy bit more creative.

1. Cher from Clueless- As if you've never wanted to be her. Just admit it. (This also totally gives me an excuse to just wear my school uniform on Halloween and claim to be dressed up.)

2. Rosie the Riveter- You probably have a denim shirt and red lipstick somewhere. Also, this is totally doable in less than 15 minutes. Winning!

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3. Kate Middleton- Honestly, I wouldn't mind being her every other day of the year too though.


4. 'French Kiss'- Do these people win at life or what? 


5. Fridha Kahlo- Because having a fake uni brow and wearing fake flowers is always fun.

Are you a plan ahead type of person?
Name 3 things you did today. Go!
What are you doing to celebrate Halloween (or avoid it)

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Only two days until the weekend :)

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18 Happy Thoughts

  1. So I was going to be a Minion for Halloween, but time got away from me and now I cant be one. But you know what? Im totally going to be a Rosie now!! That is a freakin great idea! Although I don't have a red bandana....Im gunna have to jack one from someone I think!

    1. You would be a great Rosie. So weird, but I thought you would look good as Rosie as I was making this post! I'd let you borrow one if you lived close by!

  2. I love the Kate Middleton idea! It sounds super easy to pull together, too!

  3. I love all of those ideas! Very cute and clever and easy to pull together.


  4. 1) Reading blogs
    2) 1:45 planks x3
    3) Studying

    1. And I love all of your costume ideas :)

  5. French Kiss?!?! oh my god that's the best thing I've ever seen!!! I'm not dressing up tomorrow because I'm going to a family friend's house and my Halloween outfit is not appropriate for that setting. I did go to see a theatre production of Sleepy Hollow this past weekend and I dressed up as a sexy mad hatter. My sister and her boyfriend went as SWAT and they got second place in the costume contest (mostly because I was cheering for them quite loudly :))

  6. I've been a cat more than half the years of my life, lol :D and I'll probably be one tomorrow too... I don't plan well. Tomorrow is the first year I'm not trick or treating! I'm handing out candy to all those little kids. Hopefully it's not snowing - it snowed yesterday!

  7. I don't want to tell you how many years I've gone as a witch...
    Today I went to class, laminated some pumpkins, and kicked butt at zumba and weighs!

  8. I love the Cher from Clueless costume!! Such great ideas - thanks for sharing. It's a bummer Kuwait doesn't celebrate Halloween :X

    3 things i've done today: It's only 5 AM, but I did a quick arm workout- made Joshua's breakfast & lunch - currently eating a smoothie

  9. You make such a cute little kitty! Love the riveter costume! :)

  10. Perfect costume ideas! I'm currently dressed as an undercover celeb...I'm wearing a juicy suit, uggs, and sunglasses. Laziest costume ever? Probably! Comfortable? Oh yeah! Happy Halloween! Get lots of Reece's!

  11. Aww... You make an adorable cat! :)

    Fantastic idea with Kate Middleton.

    That French Kiss one is a little strange and made me laugh out loud.

    I wore a black sweater today. That's about as far as Halloween and I are going this year.

  12. I took my precious Rylnn trick-or-treating this evening and he was the cutest Spider-Man ever!!

  13. All those other costumes are great and all but to me your cat costume is still by far the best!! I don't care that it has been the same 3 years in a row, that to me just says you've had the best costume 3 years in a row :)

    We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia so no dressing up for me this year.

  14. I am going to a Halloween this weekend and I'm very excited about it. I was definitely very last minute on my costume this year as well.

  15. Love these ideas! Especially the French Kiss getup - costumes that are actually fun puns are always my favorites :)

  16. I was Rosie last year! I'm new to HerCampus and love finding fellow college bloggers (Sometimes feel like I'm the only one!)

    xo Shane


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