Stuck in Holiday Purgatory!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

First off, I hope each and every one of you had a very merry Christmas. I blame my lack of blogging completely on the fact that I've been busy stuffing myself with chocolate covered pretzels (a holiday delicacy you must try).

I feel like the days between Christmas and New Years are somewhat of a 'Holiday Purgatory'. It's still Christmas, yes, but it's almost New Years at the same time. Thus, you're stuck in this holiday limbo unsure of which holiday to celebrate. (For the record, I personally am still celebrating Christmas!)

So, besides shopping Christmas sales, eating insane amounts of soup (potato and leek soup, carrot soup, lentil soup, spinach soup, I've had it all), and watching 'Elf' way too many times, I have been busy.

For example, I've been remembering the Alamo. My family drove 9 hours round trip to have a barbecue lunch with my Grandparents in San Antonio, TX. (There will be a post solely dedicated to our lunch later. It was amazing!) We rarely get to see them, so it was such a treat to see them, even if it was just for an afternoon.
We explored the city before dinner to see all of the Christmas lights. I always knew everything was bigger in Texas, but the tree below is a live tree and absolutely covered in lights! Texas can be way too cool sometimes.

All in all, I've decided that I love living a spontaneous life. Especially when it leads me to taking an impromptu road trip to see my Grandparents for a surprise visit! 

Though I love spontaneity, I have done quite a few planned things, such as Cotillion pictures. I took Cotillion pictures earlier this month here at home. (In case you have no idea what Cotillion is, it's a formal presentation to society complete with a wedding dress and curtsy!) I took my fair share of selfies that day, but my Mom proved herself as the Queen of Selfies.


After Cotillion pictures, I took the plunge and cut my hair. (I guess I'm overly dedicated to the life of spontaneity.) It was one of those last second decisions that I thankfully don't regret (yet). Even though it's not blatantly obvious, I did cut off 6 inches. My new life motto is 'Short(er) hair, kind of care'.


As of this moment,  I'm headed towards the new year with a new do and an old To-Do List that's a mile long. Hopefully being stuck in this holiday limbo will give me ample time to blog a little bit about the ole' life!

What have you been up to?
Best part of Christmas?
What do you do in between holidays? 

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11 Happy Thoughts

  1. What a sweet surprise and gift to your Grandparents. I can only imagine the look on their faces when you guys arrived!

  2. That's so true- it does feel like holiday purgatory! I'm also right there with you on the soup consumption. Can't get enough.

    I've been to the Alamo before but never at Christmas time. I wish I would have gone to see that tree- it's so beautiful! Bigger indeed. Glad you got to spend some quality time with the fam!

  3. I will celebrate Christmas as long as my tree stays up :) that's so cool how you surprised your grandparents! I'm loving the new hair - perfect timing too, with the new year! I don't think I could cut mine though.. I love it too much!

  4. Love the hair! That is an amazing looking tree - wow! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. I'm so glad that y'all were able to do that trip! It looks like too much fun. Your hair looks amazing! Miss you (see you soon!!!)

  6. Wow, that colorful Christmas tree is beautiful! And can I please have samples of each of those soups you mentioned? ;) Your hair and selfies are so cute, too. Hoping to cut six inches off myself! We're exploring Chapel Hill, North Carolina with friends right now and I'm so excited to be here :)

  7. Now if that is not the most American Christmas tree ever! I thought coalitions were only in movies, glad to see them being celebrated in other parts of the US. :)

  8. I love your haircut! So fresh and healthy!!

    And soup - oh yes!!


  9. oh my goodness that tree!! It is so beautiful!!
    You are too beautiful my dear. Lovin' the hair!!

  10. Great pictures! Love the new haircut too - gorgeous!


  11. Great topic thanks


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