Black's Barbecue.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Lockhart, Texas is known as the barbecue capital of Texas.

Being your typical Texan who has had good barbecue countless times, I had my doubts. What's so special about a small town barbecue restaurant?

Black's Barbecue is one of the oldest (and most popular) barbecue restaurants in Texas. 

To put things in perspective: The little town of Lockhart Texas has only 11,615 residents. Black's Barbecue serves an average of 5,000 people a week.

Welcome to Texas y'all. (We love us some barbecue!)

My Grandparents, who have recently started RVing, were the ones who decided that a stop at Black's Barbecue was a must. They saw it featured on 60 Minutes, so they set their GPS to Lockhart, Texas and began the trek.

We arrived a little after lunch time, and the line was already out the door. Being the negative nelly that I sometimes am, I assumed we would be waiting half the afternoon, but to my surprise it moved very quickly. After a few minutes of catching up, we were already lined up at the buffet.

We grabbed our paper plates and started piling our plates with side dishes like mashed potatoes, potato salad, and coleslaw.

When we finally tore ourselves away from the side dishes, we picked out the meats we wanted and watched the employees prepare it right behind the cash register. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: There's not many meals that can beat Texas barbecue. 

Even the big college boy leaves with a full and happy stomach. 

All good meals must come to an end, but if you eat barbecue like a true Texas, you'll always finish the meal with a big serving of banana pudding. It's practically required!

So, if you're ever around Lockhart, Texas in your RV (or a car like the rest of us!), grab your Grandparents and head over for a bite to eat. The foods great, and the company's better!

Do you have a lot of barbecue where you live?
Have you ever been to Texas?
How's 2014 treating you so far?

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8 Happy Thoughts

  1. I've only been to Texas once- driving through on a cross-country trip- and being vegetarian makes it a bit hard to do barbecue ;) But it's fun to go to places like this for the local flavor & fun of it. I'm dying to know what is in that bowl in the second to last picture! Is that cheese sauce?

    1. It is banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

  2. I've never been to Texas but I'm always a fan of good southern food! There's an awesome BBQ place near VA beach that my family always stops in. Hush puppies are my fave!

  3. Katherine, that was great! You should have made sure that everyone knew you were having beef. Folks around here consider BBQ as only pork you know! Can't wait to see you (I'm almost counting the days!)

  4. This is so cool! I don't think I've ever been to an actual barbeque. I will just have to come to Texas and go to one with you :) I LOVE that you finish a meal with banana pudding. That's my favorite!

  5. I love pudding of any kind - banana sounds amazing <3

  6. I've had barbecue but I'm sure it's MUCH better in Texas!! That looks like such a cute place (:

  7. Great barbeque! Beef ribs were juicy with a crisp outer edge. All full of that wonderful smokey taste. Sides are typical with many to choose from. Baked beans and coleslaw were good. All the meats looked good and were obviously being enjoyed by other patrons.
    texas bbq


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