Hello 2014.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

New years are always a beautiful thing. Even though I strongly believe that we shouldn't wait for a New Year to change our lives for the better, the idea of a clean slate is always appealing. The hope and excitement that surround a new year always make me feel giddy inside.

Like millions of other people, the new year got me thinking within and considering my life: What will I wish I had started/done today a year ago?

Enter my cliche New Year's Resolutions. Here are my slightly unconventional and somewhat unusual hopes and goals for this new year.

1. Try a new recipe each week.

(Recipes for the above herehere, and here)

"I try to spew my thoughts for ten minutes everyday."   i need to do this
Descriptive words. Don't just use "very" and "good" type of words, when there are so many more beautiful ones. :)

2. Stop settling for adjectives like 'very'. Instead, I want to use more words like the ones above.
3. Write down my thoughts more often. Whether it be through blogging or just in a notebook. 

Behati Prinsloo  she is always so happy and beautiful   indie . soft grunge

4. Smile more. Because when you think about it, life is pretty great.

I want this to be me.

5. Go someplace I've never been before. (Very cliche, but seriously, more travelling is always welcome!)

6. Live in the moment. It's the last time I'll ever live through the year 2014!

7. (Bonus) Invent a time machine so I can marry young Leonardo DiCaprio.  So, Happy New Year to all you lovely people! I wish you all so much peace and love during 2014. Like a true banana lover, I've sent all of you a special New Year's greeting directly from Texas via my favorite fruit of 2013!

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15 Happy Thoughts

  1. I need to smile more too. This year I am going to try my best to focus on the positives more than the negatives :).

  2. I love your goals - and take me with you in your time machine so I can meet young Zac Efron! ;)

  3. These goals are perfect. #3 & 5 are my favorites (:

  4. Those are some great goals girl! I especially love #8. ;)

  5. Great goals - you can visit Kuwait!!! :) Ha Ha

  6. If I wasn't off at college for the majority of the year, I would definitely join you in goal number one. Wouldn't it be fun if we picked some recipes together to try and then each made them separately at our houses and compared our thoughts?! Why does college have to ruin everything? ;) hehe
    I try to smile whenever possible too, but the more the better! :D :D :D Number five is a yearly goal for me. I don't think it got accomplished last year, but it will be this year as I'm headed to New Orleans tomorrow! Oh and is there room for two in your time machine? ;)
    Have a great week Katherine!!<3

  7. Love love love these! First, I'm coming with you on #7. Leonardo DiCaprio.... *heart eye emoji* :) and if you ever travel somewhere, I want to come too :) Here's to a great 2014~~ !

  8. Happy New Year! I like all your resolutions, especially writing more, trying one new recipe a week, and traveling somewhere new. Isn't a fresh slate so exciting? The whole year is wide open!

  9. Love these resolutions. I like that they are focused on positive things...although the Leo one through me for a bit of a loop ;)

  10. Happy New Year! Awesome goals :D

  11. Love all of these! Especially those words. I definitely need to smile more!

  12. I love the 'Words to use more often,' options! Great goal.


  13. YES I love that word chart!! When you figure out the time machine please let me borrow it..I'll bring peanut butter! ;)

  14. Great goals!! I really like them all...I need to use those words more often too. Isn't it crazy how we really do get in a word rut?!

  15. I need to stop using the word awesome so much. And awful. It's not going to happen, but I like the list you found for alternatives to very. Neat!

    Since you KNOW how much I love Leonardo DiCaprio I think it's only fair that the time machine be big enough for the both of us. Then Leo can pick ;)

    Did you write on those bananas yourself? If so, that is such a cute idea! If not, still kudos for finding the picture of the cute idea. Haha.


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