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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For over a year now, I've talked about 'Cotillion' sporadically throughout my blog. 

Quick recap in case you have no idea what Cotillion is: It's basically your formerly presentation to society complete with a 20 pound wedding dress. (This is so 18th century, but it was fun nonetheless.)

Besides wearing a dress that weighs more than your average 2 year old, I got my hair and makeup done in the early afternoon.

It's all fun and games looking pretty until you want something to eat. Let's just say that it was a day of drinking with straws and avoiding anything that could possibly stain my dress.

After slurping down a smoothie and somehow squishing myself into the backseat of my car, I showed up to where I was getting presented in the late afternoon. When you get presented, you're escorted by your father, so my dad got to dress quite dashingly in a tux and be my chauffeur.

Since there's loads of girls being presented, there's quite a lot of time where you're doing absolutely nothing. My dad, being the good 21st century father that he is, decided that we should take selfies. #selfienation


After nearly an hour of waiting and taking an absurd amount of selfies (I know, it took forever!), it was nearly my turn. I literally had to get 'fluffed' so my dress would look full on stage! (I'm much more of a simplistic, non-poofy dress person, so this was weird to me!)

After curtsying on stage and managing not to fall down the stairs and embarrass myself in front of everyone, the parents left and the dancing began. 

If you can't quite picture how the presentation/curtsying looked, just imagine any of the ball scenes from Pride & Prejudice. It's basically spot on, except for the dancing. We didn't do any of that weird line/square dancing. (Thank God!)

It's a lot of work for a short night, but I had a blast.

Plus, who can resist an opportunity to wear a wedding dress for the night with your hair and makeup done while dancing to bad rap music (and an excessive amount of Bruno Mars) with guys in tuxes? (I made that sound terribly appealing, didn't I? But really, it was fun!)

Do you have anything like Cotillion where you live?
Do you prefer poofy dresses or more simplistic ones?
What's your favorite in season fruit? (Super random, but I'm curious!)

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9 Happy Thoughts

  1. I've never heard of a Cotillion in my area :/ You look absolutely beautiful in your dress <3

  2. Which of those cute boys was your date? I love cotillion! Where I'm from, we did it in middle school and if you choose to volunteer, you can do it in high school. In middle school, I remember the highlights being after the dance when we got to go out to dinner and relax. Gorgeous dress!

  3. I lol'd when I read this post. It actually sounds like fun!! I've never even heard of "cotillion" so I had no perspective for what I was reading. Love the gloves, by the way!

  4. This sounds SO fun! I wish I had something like this here. I've heard of Cotillion from Disney Channel - Good Luck Charlie, lol! You look absolutely beautiful!

  5. You look so beautiful in that dress girl!!

  6. I had never heard of Cotillion before your blog- but it sounds fun. You look stunning! :) I love how you and your dad took selfies. That's hilarious. :)

  7. Sweet! I love your dress. You are gorgeous, dahling.

    They don't have Cotillion in my area - but I watch Gossip Girl and The OC, so I'm totally up on what it's all about. Haha! Hopefully your experience was less dramatic than those shows!


  8. Finally! It looks like it was fun - nice additional pictures (since we forgot to look at them while I was there). You are going to make a beautiful bride, since you were a beautiful debutante!! Love you, Aunt Pam

  9. That is like the cutest freakin thing ever. How fun!


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