So, Why Do We Body Shame?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rob Kardashian, Robert KardashianIt's 2014, so we've probably figured out that body shaming is just plain ridiculous by now, right?


Yesterday's breaking news revolved around Rob Kardashian (One of the many Kardashians, if you're unaware of who he is) because he was photographed in Paris looking heavier than usual.

What was just a simple trip to the airport suddenly made Rob a worldwide trend on Twitter. These innocent pictures made Rob the victim of an insane cyber attack within a matter of minutes, all because of his weight gain.

Tweets saying that he had 'let himself go' and that he 'can afford liposuction' filled my newsfeed last night. Our world found a 'flaw' in the seemingly flawless Kardashian family and ran with it. While these fat jokes may have started as just fun and games, when did this become acceptable?

Sadly, Rob Kardashian is only the latest victim of body shaming.

 Body shaming is nothing new. We shame pregnant women who (God forbid) haven't lost all their baby weight immediately after giving birth. We shame people who gain weight and are 'fat' and skinny people who are 'anorexic' with the same breath. Whether we like it or not, body shaming has become a normal aspect of our society.

The fact of the matter is that shaming someone because they are 'skinny', 'curvy', 'fat', 'unhealthy', etc, is just wrong. Not one type of body is better.

A person's body tells you nothing about their true health, their happiness, their best qualities, or what they have to offer to this world. The fact of the matter is all types of bodies are beautiful. Bodies are slender, muscular, chubby, skinny, voluptuous, gangly, shapely, thin, and curvy. All bodies are real. All bodies are good bodies.

don't 'fat' shame
don't 'skinny' shame
don't shame people for clothing they wear
don't shame people for tattoos or piercings
don't shame people for their choices with their bodies
don't shame people based on your assumptions
don't shame people because their body doesn't meet your standards

No one is fat, and no one is skinny. We all have fat, and we all have skin. Instead of stereotyping each other based on our bodies, we should focus on how we are all beautifully made instead.  

Your body is the little slice of the universe that you have been given. No one should ever make you feel ashamed of this gift you have been given. And let's face it, all bodies look good. Just channel your inner Will Smith the next time someone tries to tell you otherwise.

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8 Happy Thoughts

  1. Katherine! I love this! Such a good reminder, especially when our culture tells us all day long that we aren't pretty/muscular/tall/slender etc. enough. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words :)

  2. LOOOOVE this! I can't stand that someone's weight is considered "breaking news" in today's's so sad.

  3. I love the Fresh Prince .gif! :)

    So true. We all just need to work on making ourselves the happiest and healthiest we can be and keep our noses out of other people's lives (and size).


  4. And you rock. Beautifully written, as always <3 Thanks for the reminder, Katherine!

  5. Amen. People need to just focus on themselves rather than looking at what other people have or don't have. Great post Katherine!

  6. ohmygoshyouarethecoolestpersonever. I wish people would think like this. I honestly can't believe people would shame Rob like that. Are they really that insecure with their own bodies that they feel the need to shame other people?! ugh. AMAZING post <3

  7. Thank you for this post Katherine! I needed to read this today because I'm guilty of attacking myself over these issues. It's awful seeing him targeted by the media and others. I needed this post to remind me that it's what's on the INSIDE that counts! One day at a time, right?


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