Why Bananas Are The Best Fruit Ever. (Don't Even Try To Argue This!)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bananas are arguably the greatest fruit there is. Okay, I take that back. There's no argument. Bananas are the best fruit there is.

After being referred to as 'that girl who always buys bananas' at my local grocery store the other day, I've taken it upon myself to educate the masses and explain why bananas are the greatest fruit in existence.

 Just a normal day's work in the life of Katherine. (Also, I'm now on Summer vacation, so clearly I have way too much time on my hands.)

1. You can literally buy boxes with the change in your pocket. Let's face it, bananas are the real fast food.


2. You can eat bananas and wear bananas. (And still be considered normal if not fashionable.)


3. Bananas disguise the taste of greens. So yeah, I basically eat a salad for breakfast, but I swear it tastes like ice cream. (If that's not the definition of winning, then I don't know what is.)

4. You can freeze bananas, and suddenly you don't have fruit. You have ice cream or a smoothie or the nectar of the gods.


5. Bananas are dirt cheap. I can easily go through actual pounds of bananas a week, but it's usually all for under $5.


Where are these prices?!

6. Bananas can be combined with so many different things. PB&B? Granola? Honey? 


7. Do your grocery stores make jokes about fruits besides bananas? I don't think so.

8. Bananas are so cool that you can have a photoshoot with them. (You could arguably have a photoshoot with any fruit I suppose, but would they look this good?)


9. Have you ever seen an unhappy kid with a banana? Not in my house.

So there's that. Bananas rock my socks, and I'm officially on Summer vacation. Can life get much better?

On an off note, I posted this picture on my Instagram, and everyone absolutely loved it.  It's a cute picture, but it's also a reminder that it's okay to put yourself and your health first sometimes :) 

Anyways, have a lovely weekend you beautiful people. Eat lots of bananas and take some time to relax!

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15 Happy Thoughts

  1. These are the most beautiful pics of bananas I've ever seen!! I really love me some nanas - I eat one everyday! Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG BANANAAAAAAAS. I'm bananas for bananas! (HA see what I did there?!).

    I totally agree with everything. Ev-er-y-thang. Also, you're too cute!!

  3. I have become SO obsessed with bananas lately. They are SO amazing. The sweetness and heartiness of them just lights up my life!

  4. Haha love this post! YES to bananas. Every time I go to Trader Joe's I'm always shocked at how cheap they are (like 19 cents each.. whaaatttt?!). My favorite way to eat them is in oatmeal or almond butter.... Mhmmm so good <3.

  5. I love bananas! I have some that are sort of bruised and brownish right now and I can't wait to make banana chocolate chip muffins with them :) And I always smile when I see those silly signs in the grocery store :)

  6. Yes, gotta love bananas!! I love how you listed all of the ways. I also love that the green ones are becoming more popular with their resistant starch properties... so interesting! :)

  7. Haha! You're going to be hired for marketing by a banana brand someday.


  8. Bananas are life! Hehe you should work for a banana company

  9. You are probably gonna hate me for saying this but I can't stand raw bananas...it's something about the texture ><

    I don't mind them used as an ingredient, but I just can't eat them on their own :(

  10. I love bananas :) Especially frozen *swoon*

  11. Ok secret time- I don't like bananas....BUT when they are disguised enough, I'll eat them. Taking your tricks to the kitchen :D

  12. LOVE THIS! Bananas are the bomb! I totally agree on the whole salad that tastes ice cream for breakfast thing, so good! and there really isn't anything better than PB & Banana :D

  13. Um first of all, you're on summer vacation?!?! Not fair!

    This post is basically awesome. Bananas really are the best fruit. I think my record is 5 in a day? hahaha #winning


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