A Summary Of High School: As Told By Clueless

Friday, June 06, 2014

Since I'm now officially a Senior in high school, I've been looking back and somewhat reminiscing over the roller coaster ride we call high school. I think it's safe that the movie Clueless and my high school experience are directly related.

So, still in high school? Getting ready to start high school? Let Clueless tell you what to expect.

how clueless prepares you for high school:

 Freshman year you'll want to look older. You want to impress, right? No need to go overkill on the makeup. You're much prettier with minimal makeup. I promise.


 It sometimes feels like everyone's against you. It may feel like the whole world is on your shoulders, but it's not. 

Just The Truth 🌸 on We Heart It.

 Some people are just plain mean. You won't please everyone, and you won't want to be friends with everyone. It's okay to have a smaller group of true friends instead of being friends with an insane amount of people.


 Don't speed. Really. You don't look as cool as you think you do, and telling your parents you got a speeding ticket is not a conversation you want to have.

32 Pieces Of Life Advice From Cher Horowitz

 It's okay to be selective and not in a relationship. Relationships aren't the be all end all in high school.

32 Pieces Of Life Advice From Cher Horowitz

 If you're wrong, apologize. Apologizing doesn't make you weak, and it helps prevent a lot of pointless high school drama.
The rules of the road are really more suggestions.

 Learn how to make some type of food in high school. It doesn't have to be anything insane. Just have a go to meal that you know how to make that doesn't involve the McDonald's drive through. 

me, cooking

 Always be nice to the faculty and staff at your school, especially the janitors and secretaries. They can help you way more than you think they can. 


 Take pictures of your friends and of your normal day to day activities. Keep all of them, even if some are blurry. One day they'll make the best memories.


 No one expects you to know everything. You're a teenager. It's high school.

No one expects you to know everything all the time.

 Know your limits. Decide what you're willing to do, and stick to it. It's okay to say no.

Know when to just say no.

 You don't have to put up with unwanted advances. If someone asks you out that you don't want to go out with, you can politely say no. Or you can tell them, 'As if!' but that probably wouldn't end as well.

literally me at school

 Fake it till you make it. Sometimes being confident and pretending you actually know what you're doing goes a long way.

When in doubt, fake it.

 Go to school dances. They may seem stupid, and it may seem like everyone's watching you, but they aren't. You don't even have to know how to dance, just put yourself out there.


 Have fun. High school is 4 years of your life that you'll never get to relive. It can be the best time of your life or the worst time of your life, but it doesn't determine everything about your life.

 And last but not least, if Paul Rudd or a Paul Rudd lookalike attends your school, disregard everything I say. You better accept his advances.


Because who can resist Paul Rudd? (Yes, I'm well aware that he's my parent's age, okay?) But really, look at that smile.


so, what's your advice for high schoolers?
have you seen clueless before?

happy Friday! 


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7 Happy Thoughts

  1. Okay you when the best post ever award!! Where was this post when I was going into 9th grade with way too much of my mom's lipstick on (and probably on my teeth too lol ;) ) and nearly having a heart attack the first time a guy dropped the F word ? Hahaha. Great post Katherine, every 8th grader needs to read this!

  2. I love this post! It is sooo funny :) I agree with Sunnie - where was this last year???

  3. Loooove this! I have never even heard of Clueless but it's sure got some good messages. I'm so happy I finally got over caring what people think of me. From 6-8 grade I was terribly worried about what everyone thought of me. Now I could care less and it's amazing <3 be yoself!

  4. I love this!! Too funny. Clueless is a quality movie (; and so true with the freshmen and makeup thing. Cheers to being seniors!! :) Almost for me ;)

  5. hahaha this is too funny. I finished high school a year ago and I am soo glad to be done with that! I went to a private all girls school so you can just imagine the immature gossiping & cattiness that went on. It was ridiculous, I've been loving college to say the least :D

  6. Haha I loved this! Nice that Cher has not faded into oblivion since I was I teenager ;) And man...I hated high school. It's tough finding people you can really be yourself with. I think you're enjoying it a lot more than I did! (aaaand now I feel old)

  7. This is so cute!! I have seen Clueless! Haha...so funny! Also, congrats on being a Senior!! That's so exciting! Senior year was DEF my favorite!


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