17 Things I Learned Being 17.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I turned 18 on October 5. What? 

Yeah, basically I can now go to prison, get a tattoo (don't worry mom, I'm not getting one today or anything), buy a lotto ticket, and of course, the most important, vote.

Since I'm now a legal adult, I figured I should do a very adult-like thing and reflect on my 17th year of life and what I've learned.

I'm still learning. I'm actually laughing while I write this because I am no where near finished with learning. I mean seriously, I still have no clue exactly who I am, what I want to be, where I want to go to college, what I want to do with my life, heck, I don't even know what I'm wearing to school tomorrow (and my school has a uniform). But that's okay.

Even though I'm not as wise as Mother Theresa or eloquent with words like Maya Angelou or famous (and shakin' it off) like Taylor Swift, I've figured out a few things while being 17.
  1. Acoustic versions of songs make the world a better place. Like a much better place.

  2. People who are not nice to waiters are not nice people. Fact.
  3. Don't Underestimate a few close friends and dancing to High School Musical songs on a Friday night.

  4. Guacamole may cost a little extra and loving yourself might take a little extra, but they are both worth it, trust me. 
  5. "It's about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you're busy, not 2 in the morning when you're lonely."
  6. Over 150,000 people didn't wake up this morning. You did, and that's pretty cool :-) (So now that you know that you're one of the lucky ones, live like it.)
  7. Treat yoself. I just bought myself a camera, and it feels awesome. Do itttt.

  8. If Pluto can become a planet again, you can run another mile, you can make it through Monday, you can climb a mountain, Leo DiCaprio can finally win that Oscar...you get my point, right?
  9. Sometimes you just need cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

  10. Sunrises are proof that endings can be beautiful too.
  11. There is a 12 year old majoring in quantum physics at TCU. There is also an 18 year old who wore her shirt inside out today. Guess which one I am? (Moral of the story: learn to laugh at yourself) 
  12. Wearing banana socks while exercising is scientifically proven to make you more of an athlete.
  13. When in doubt, smoothie it out.

  14. Cool fall mornings and open windows are two of the greatest things on earth, don't even try to argue this.
  15. I still struggle with this one, but try to be happy with where you and and what you're doing at this very minute. Life's not meant to be wasted wishing you were elsewhere.

  16. Some days you gotta wake up and go exercise. Other days you need to sleep another hour. That's just life.
  17. Apple's iPhone charging cords will break even when you treat them like your most sacred possession. (Not sure why I included this one, but there will be world peace when this problem is resolved.)

So, I hope you're having an amazing Tuesday and might've learned a thing or two from me and my mistakes today. On an off note, have you seen Emma Watson's HeForShe speech that she gave to the UN? We could all learn something from her. I hope your week is as cool as you are :-)

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12 Happy Thoughts

  1. Love this! Happy birthday my friend! Welcome to age 18 ;)

  2. Love this x a million. But that birthday selfie! Perfect. I really think we are supposed to be best friends so we should probably meet irl. soon please. love you so much!!

  3. But like…you're the coolest person ever. Seriously, this makes me smile so dang hard. Happy belated 18th, dear! Wishing you belly laughs, peanut buttery goodness, and breathtaking moments this year and every year ♥

  4. That was beautiful, and so freaking true. Happy late birthday! :)

  5. That was beautiful, and so freaking true. Happy late birthday! :)

  6. THAT CAMERA STRAP. Where.. how? I love it. I need an awesome strap like that. Mine is still stiff and I fear I didn't attach it properly. Okay, so I loved this post. All of these points are so genuine and brilliant and true. "It's about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you're busy, not 2 in the morning when you're lonely." < gorgeous. I also loved the opening to this post and the 17th thing. Brilliance. (:

  7. happy belated birthday!!! I haven't read your blog in sooo long and im finally back blogging to! I thought id be to busy with school but I missed it to much! ;) theyumzgirl.blogspot.com

  8. AGREED. People who are not nice to waiters are not nice people.

  9. Happy belated birthday love! Awesome camera purchase- where did you get that strap though? Awesome!

  10. Seriously loving every word of this post! You have such an amazing way with words <3 Happy birthday to you! Thanks for making me smile every time I read your blog :)

  11. #4 and #15 are so on point and true! Happy 18th girl :)!

  12. What a great post! I love it! I'm a fan of the acoustic songs too! Wayyyyy better! :) Love #14!


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