Hey, My Name's In An Actual Book.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Six months ago, I got an email from Ramin Ganeshram asking me to write a recipe for her new cookbook "FutureChefs". I had just turned 17, my blog was a month old, and I really had no clue what I was doing, but I told her yes. 

And by "yes", I mean that I was secretly jumping for joy on the inside and anxiously trying to text my mom without autocorrect butchering my message. 

I still feel like I got asked to write for this cookbook yesterday, but time really flies. Six months ago, I was a junior in high school, and I was relatively new to the world of cooking. I had absolutely no idea what type of recipe I should send to Ramin. So naturally, I wrote about hummus. (And yes, I'm kind of cringing at this decision as an 18 year old, but hey, who cares, I'm in a cookbook.)

Having the opportunity to be a contributing author to a cookbook is really cool. Actually, contributing to any book is cool for that matter because seeing your name in a published book is kinda unbelievable.

The only thing that might top being a published author is the fact that my copy is autographed by the mastermind herself: Ramin Ganeshram.

The recipes in the cookbook are thebomb.com (there's a whole section for smoothies!!), but I hear that this cookbook has some pretty cool authors too.

In example: I spy Sunnie from Modern Girl Nutrition and her Almond Energy Squares on page 212.

(I can't convey how overexcited I was when I saw this because excitement doesn't really translate well over the internet, and using 20 exclamation points is typically frowned upon. But seriously, I freaked out and showed my mom and tried to explain that I know who Sunnie is. It was one of my weirder moments, but then again most things I do are arguably pretty weird.)

I'm so incredibly thankful to Ramin and everyone who helped make this cookbook a reality. Everyone was so kind and patient, and the cookbook is absolutely beautiful. (And it's so crazy to actually have my own copy. It's make everything so real and so unbelievable.)

It's currently pouring rain here in Texas, and I've got a ton of work to do, but I'm sitting in bed with a mug of tea about to read through the cookbook. Is this what being an adult is all about?

I've only been 18 for two weeks, so I'm not really sure how this whole adult thing works, but if it involves avoiding responsibilities and reading cookbooks, I've got it down.

Anyways, I hope everyone's Tuesday was the bee's knees. 

On the bright side, if it was a bad day just remember that it's not Monday, and over 70,000 dogs were born in the United States today. If that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will.

Oh, and you should listen to 'Riptide' by Vance Joy. I'm terribly obsessed with it at the moment, and Taylor Swift just did a cover of it. Vance Joy's music is almost as cool as being featured in a cookbook. Almost. :-)

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6 Happy Thoughts

  1. Wow!! That is such great accomplishment! Congrats! I love your blanket! Where is is from? AND I love Riptide, I can't wait to listen to the T. Swift version too!

  2. Super cool! I think hummus was a great recipe to share. <3


  3. Congrats on getting your name in the cookbook! :) That is so amazing <3

  4. I mean, I'm totally not surprised that you're in a cookbook, because you're basically a young, hip, fresh Barefoot Contessa/Ellen Degenres. I love them both, so that's a compliment :) But holy CONGRATS, girl! You're so awesome ♥

  5. Eeeeek this is so cool!! You will be in a book, for, like, forever. If that's not something for your kids to brag to their friends about then I don't know what it. Congrats girly!!


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