Wednesday, November 26, 2014

October to December is arguably the greatest time of the year. Pumpkins, Christmas lights, crisp mornings, fall leaves, big chunky sweaters; there’s not much better than the holiday season.

That being said, I feel like October to December is also the time of year where time literally flies by. I’m still in disbelief that Thanksgiving is already here. I’m almost halfway through my last year of high school. Whatttt? Before I know it I’ll be waking my family up at an ungodly hour to open presents on Christmas morning.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is that cliché time of year where everyone feels compelled to voice anything and everything that they're thankful for. You know those people who annoyingly list everything they're thankful for and make a huge spectacle of it all? As someone who is constantly attempting to cultivate the habit of being grateful, I’m one of those people. And here is the official list of what Katherine is thankful for.

I’m Thankful For:

// Blog friends. I don't think you guys know how many times I've been talking to my friends or family, and  I mention someone I've never actually met in real life. It seriously happens ALL the time. I name drop people I don't even know in person, and my parents are used to it, so that's pretty cool.

// Mountains. Because mountains are cool (and pretty and fun to climb and I could talk about this all day). On a serious note, I'm so glad I live in a world where there's mountains. 

// My camera. From using disposable cameras to take pictures of anything and everything to getting my first digital camera in 5th grade, I've always seen everything as a potential photograph. I've been lucky enough to have my own cameras since I was in elementary school, but I finally got a really nice camera this past year. It's like my old digital cameras on steroids. It's that good.

// Rainy days. Rainy days are so underrated. I don't understand people who dislike rainy weather, and I never will. Rainy weather is perfect for warm blankets and movie marathons and long runs and everything in between.

// The smell of coffee. I'm not in love with coffee or anything, but the smell of coffee makes me a better person.

// Roadtrips. Roadtrips have their moments when you just want to get out of the car and arrive at your final destination, but there's also those moments when you're playing really nice music and driving on a winding road that's surrounded by pretty trees, and you never want to get out of your car.

// Family. Okay, I'm pretty sure most everyone says this, but when you really think about it, family is such an awesome thing. You can't choose family, but someone up there nailed it when it comes to mine. It's a rare occasion for me to not have something to say, but when it comes to describing how thankful I am for my family, I'm at a loss of words.

// My bed. Because it's the things I take the granted for most that I'm most thankful for.

But above all, I'm thankful for the little things in my life that I've come to realize are anything but little. Bright stars, tall trees, funny texts, 140 character tweets, long rambly emails, I'm so grateful for all of it. I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving full of pumpkin pies and funny conversations around the dinner table. And I hope you take a minute to count your blessings. Because when you stop and think about it, there's so many things to be thankful for.  


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8 Happy Thoughts

  1. Love this friend! All great amazing things (except the rainy days...I live for the beautiful sunshine!) ;)

  2. Happy thanksgiving, Katherine :) I'm grateful for my blogging peeps as well; my parents don't understand it (dangers of the internet: this "Katherine" you think you know is actually a guy ;)) but it's a blogging thing ;)
    I'm also thankful for the snow and rainy days - runs feel 100% more hardcore.

  3. I'm thankful for your blog. It brings me joy.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Katherine!! ♥

  4. Beautiful way to start thanksgiving <3 enjoy and relish in the day. I am grateful for a friend such as you.

  5. The view from your bed looks magical. I also adore the smell of coffee, it makes me so very happy inside! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. This! Was beautiful. Seriously. That picture of the mountains is gorgeous and I totally agree with you about road trips and beds and family even though it sounds cliche. "the smell of coffee makes me a better person." -- YES! Everyone seems weirded out when I tell them that I don't like coffee but I love the smell of it. Breathing in a bag of freshly-ground espresso just makes me happy. (: I enjoyed reading this.

  7. Great thankful post! Isn't it fun to say something like, "My blog friend so-and-so did this..." and people don't even blink twice or think you're weird because they are so used to such comments? :)

  8. This is such a wonderful post, my friend!! I am definitely thankful for blogging buds like you!!


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