Linville Falls // North Carolina

Friday, November 28, 2014

I really, really, really like waterfalls.

On the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina, there is a waterfall called Linville Falls marked by a nondescript trail. Basically, there's nothing that indicates that there are beautiful waterfalls a mere 400m from the beginning of the trail. (Or maybe I was the only clueless person there? It's a possibility.)

My dad suggested we hike the trail to see the falls, but I honestly was more excited about the gift shop and potential bumper stickers that I could buy to eventually put on my car. We had just spent the whole day climbing a mountain, so I was a little tired. (And by little, I mean that I was malnourished and dealing with muscles that I didn't even know existed feeling sore.)

After spending an embarrassing amount of money on bumper stickers (In my defense, they were super cool, and I completely intend to put them to good use.), we hiked.

The hike was short, so we ended up at an overlook that was super crowded. They always say to go the extra mile because it's never crowded, so we decided to hike to the next overlook. This sounds inspirational and motivational and what not, but the struggle was real.

That being said, my brief encounter with the struggles of hiking an absurd amount of consecutive hours paid off when we reached the next overlook. The first overlook was basically just a teaser for this one. 

Linville Falls was absolutely incredible, but I also got a little sidetracked taking pictures of how blue the sky was and all the green trees around the falls. Sometimes the main attraction gets outshined by ordinary things like tall trees and cloudy skies.

Adventure is out there. Sometimes it's disguised as that extra hike when you'd rather be buying bumper stickers, but "at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling". Stay adventurous friends :-)

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7 Happy Thoughts

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos <3
    Also, please post pics of the bumper stickers ... I'm curious ;)

  2. Waterfalllllllsssss. I need to go to where you are. I'm craving a hike so badly!

  3. I am swooooning so hard. These photos are gorgeous.

  4. I really really really like water falls too. and this place looks amazing!! Gorgeous pictures.. :D

  5. So gorgeous! I love waterfalls too. Waterfalls and lighthouses.

  6. I've totally been here! I used to go to summer camp at Glen Arden in Asheville, NC and we did lots of hikes all around the state. Gorgeous pictures!


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