So, Let's Talk About Milk

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I've never really entertained the notion of talking about milk on my blog. I mean, I talk about how much I like almond milk, but I hardly consider milk a enthralling topic to base a whole blog post around, but my recent emails have told me otherwise. After countless emails asking me why I don't drink normal milk and why I only seem to ever use almond milk, I figured that all these questions called for one massive post. So, let's talk about milk.

I don't drink cow's milk. (Dun dun dun)

I'm not exactly sure if this is shocking or anything, but it comes down to this; unless I'm popping lactose pills, dairy tears up my stomach. I was always that kid who got a stomach ache before she'd finished half her bowl of ice cream and who never understood the joy of dipping warm chocolate chip cookies in milk. Basically, I was a lactose intolerant kid who was seemingly stripped of her childhood (and who overexaggerates way too much) because dairy products made her question her existence long after she consumed them.

Now this isn't some pity party here on my blog because in case you haven't noticed, it's a really great time to be alive. Can't drink normal milk? No problem. There's this thing called almond milk that's sorta life changing. Dark chocolate almond milk is basically a reminder of all that is good in the world, and vanilla almond milk is something I eat/drink for breakfast religiously. 
Anyways, long story short, my breakup with most dairy products was essentially self-preservation, but even if you're not lactose intolerant, you should try almond milk. It'll rock your world. If you've never tried almond milk, and you're convinced that cow's milk is better, you're entitled to your opinion, and I respect that, but you're wrong. (hahaha I'm sorry, I had to) And I'm here to intervene.

// There’s no cholesterol or saturated fat in almond milk (heck ya).
// One cup of almond milk has 30 calories which is really cool cause you get to drink a ton.
// Drinking almond milk helps maintain or lower blood pressure.
// It has a lot of vitamin e which makes your skin glow!
// It tastes hella good.
// There's fiber and protein in it, making your bones strong and helping with digestion. 
// It is a key ingredient in smoothies that will rock your world.
// You can substitute it for milk 24/7.
// You can make 239802945 delicious recipes using almond milk as seen below.

Photo and recipe by The Blonde Chef

Homemade Almond Milk
Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie (Vegan)
Sweet Potato Pie Green Smoothie
Peanut Butter Cups with Almond Butter
Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Blackened Figs
Dairy Free Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
Oaty Chocolate Hot Smoothie
Rosemary Chicken Almond Cream Sauce
Vegan Mashed Potatoes
Iced Maple Pumpkin Spice Latte
Vanilla Almond Milk Latte Rice Pudding
Millet Porridge
Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies
Blueberry Almond Milk Smoothie
Vegan Banana Pancakes

Do you drink almond milk?
I hope your day is as sweet as dark chocolate almond milk. :-) 

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6 Happy Thoughts

  1. Girl, have you gotten to try Silks new cashew milk!?!?!? The BOMB!

  2. I have tried almond milk...and it's okay. But honestly I'm not much of a milk drinker to begin with, so I don't have a strong opinion when it comes to milk! I do like the idea of cooking with almond milk. Maybe I'll try to do more of that!

  3. I ♥ almond milk!!! I think I love every kind of milk though. It allows my oatmeal and smoothies to come to creamy life. I'm sorry to hear that lactose makes your stomach a wreck though. Thank God for non-dairy everything nowadays!
    I'm also obsessed with your adorable drawing of milk drops. Can I have a copy to frame in my dorm, thanks so much ;)

  4. I didn't know you don't drink cow's milk! I was raised on that bad boy but I've progressed to almond milk and now CASHEW MILK omg new fave. I use almond milk for all the regular milk in recipes, but I'm still looking for a dairy free heavy cream! But your drawing. STOP. Your handwriting is a legit font. And it's called moonflower. Teach me!!!

    1. I was raised on that bad boy too! It was only a few years back when we finally realized that I was lactose intolerant. But I love all the new non dairy milks, so it's all good in the hood! I legit call it moonflower now. My mom was so confused, but IT'S OKAY!!

  5. Almond milk is the best! And cashew milk, flax milk, hemp milk... all equally amazing. So delicious!


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