Falling For You // Crabtree Falls, Virginia

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I rarely get sick during the school year, so my body tends to use summer vacation as as a time to get every disease/cold/allergy known to mankind. Knowing this, it's really no surprise that I got sick during the first leg of our summer vacation. 

Getting sick in general is pretty subpar, but to put it bluntly, getting sick when there's no school to miss sucks.

My brother hasn't gone on a family vacation with us for a few years because he's busy going to college and earning money and doing adult things, but he managed to take a week off to come exploring with us. I really wanted to climb a mountain or two with him, but I almost bailed on our Virginia roadtrip because I was feeling less than thrilled about the impending 5+ hours in the car. 

I don't know what specifically convinced me to get into the car, but I do know that I don't regret that decision at all. 

The Crabtree Falls trail is roughly 2.5 miles. It's a lot of stairs and glimpses of the falls as you walk along a path that is literally surrounded by green.

At the top of the falls, there's an overlook with a view that's just a little bit pretty.

Okay it's a lot a bit pretty. It's insanely pretty. It makes you feel very small. All you see is mountains and sky for miles, and nothing else seems that important as you look around.

If the mountain top views and waterfalls are enticing but you don't feel like hiking, there's a little bridge at the bottom of the falls that is worth a look.

It's literally on the side of the road, and you can drive right up to it. I'm a bit biased, so I really enjoyed hiking to the top and seeing the falls from all angles, but this bridge was a very close second on my list of favorite views.

Sometimes you might feel like doing absolutely nothing (you may be feeling under the weather or you may be completely healthy), and that's perfectly alright. But if someone offers you the chance to hit the road and see something new, if you're feeling up to it, say yes. 

You'll never forget that feeling of standing on a mountain top or watching waterfalls. And most importantly, you'll never forget laughing on the trails, tripping over rocks, taking blurry pictures and sweating in the sunshine with people you love.

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

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2 Happy Thoughts

  1. Getting fresh beautiful nature air and getting to be out in just the beauty of the "real" world is always a good choice AND will make you feel better!

  2. What a fun adventure! I find that its the adventures I don't expect for fight end up being the best, its funny how that works. Glad you had an awesome time :) I think we were on vacation around the same time!


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