10 Things I Learned My First Day of College

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I am officially a student of the University of Texas at Austin. I'm in college. Mama I made it.
I can eat bananas with every meal, and no one is here to tell me otherwise. I can stay up all night or go to sleep at 8. I can walk to Whole Foods or skip class if I really want to. I can go to parties and eat out for every meal if I so please.
But let's get real, I think I'm actually 81 instead of 18, so this is all hypothetical. I've actually been getting at least 8 hours of sleep, arriving to class 15 minutes early, making oatmeal like it's my job and trying (and failing) to find my way around campus.
And now, I'm sitting at my little desk in my dorm room, listening to "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift, and she just sang the following lyrics:
"So here I am in my new apartment (more like dorm room)
In a big city, they just dropped me off

It's so much colder than I thought it would be
So I tuck myself in and turn my nightlight on"

Though I've been enrolled in college since April and living on campus since last Friday, yesterday was my first day of classes, so with less than 24 hours of college under my belt, I consider myself an expert on anything and everything collegiate. With a whole day's worth of new knowledge, I can say Taylor is mostly right about this growing up thing. The dorm room is much colder than I thought it would be, but you really don't need a nightlight (even if your mom insists, I promise you don't). While she covered the basics in "Never Grow Up", there were a few things she missed.

So naturally, I'm here to fill you in.

1. Community baths really aren't that bad. You don't have to clean the bathroom or buy your own toilet paper, which saves you a ton of time and money. The only negative aspect I've found is that no one has asked me to join an a cappella group after my shower concerts, so that's been disappointing.

2. Sometimes you take the bus 43 blocks in the wrong direction, and it turns out to be a trip you'll never forget (in a good way).

3. Make friends with the janitors. They might just give you free light bulbs and offer to take out the trash in your dorm. 

4. You'll feel slightly creepy doing this, but introduce yourself to the person next to you in class. Ask someone random questions about what music they like or what NBA team they support. It'll feel really weird, but you might just end up with some new friends.

5. Use a map. Everyone knows you're a freshman already, so you might as well embrace it by swallowing your pride and using a map. (That being said, getting lost can be a bit fun too!!)

6. Oatmeal can explode in the microwave.

7. Parties are fun, but so is staying in your dorm with your roomie, doing homework while aggressively rapping along to Yeezy. (Added bonus, if college turns out not being for you, you'll have a promising rap career on the horizons!!!) 

8. Almost everyone wears Chacos, so clearly college is all about comfort. Not beauty. (That being said, there are comfortable shoes that aren't so ugly out there. Unpopular opinion??) 

9. Everyone is fricken scared, and so many people really have no clue what they're doing, so don't feel like you have to be this super brave person who has it all together. 

10. Don't be that person who slams their door at 7 AM. You will quickly become the bane of everyone's existence

"May the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation."

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6 Happy Thoughts

  1. #6....happened all the time until I figured out the microwaves "strength" ;)

  2. Ahh congrats on making it through your first day! All of your points are actually so good. And i pretty much always introduce myself to the person beside me in class unless they look seriously standoffish, which is pretty rare. Not creepy at all and I've made some friends that way!

  3. Oh my. All of these are SO true. I'm still working on #4, but it's getting easier :) I wish you all the best for freshman year!


  4. College is definitely a world of new experiences! My first day of college is September 9th and I am anxiously excited. I'll have to keep in mind the whole "oatmeal in the microwave" thing :)

  5. Yep. Covered all the bases. I never thought I could survive through a communal bathroom situation, and I even questioned my attendance to college the first few days, but here I am to tell the tale: It's not that bad.
    Wishing you all the best, girl ♥


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