15 Young People That Are Killing It

Sunday, August 09, 2015

I think young people are really underrated. People underestimate what young people can do, and it's getting really old, really fast. Since I've started blogging, I've come across an insane amount of people who are out there doing incredible things (and often unrecognized). So, I decided that I wanted to recognize some of these people. It was nearly impossible to get the list down to 15 people, but I somehow managed to do it. Here are 15 people under 30 who are conquering the world as we speak. It's their world, and we're just living in it.

I started following Leigha during her first year of high school. We bonded over our love of cats and our insane love of running a gross amount of miles in all types of weather. I've always thought Leigha was really cool, but as I got to know her, I realized that she is seriously such an incredible person. She's not even 18, and she's built her own blogging business where she writes about everything from some hella good vegan banana bread to her experiences with an eating disorder and depression. Needless to say, you'll probably want to be her best friend once you learn a bit about her.

Follow Leigha on The Yooper Girl Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

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Alison was one of the first people I met when I made my blog. She was a senior in high school, and she always commented the loveliest things on my blog posts. Her blog was like my goal blog. Fast forward 2 years, and Alison hasn't ceased to inspire me. While her recipes and experiences at Boston University are enough to make you smile and want to follow along, Alison isn't afraid to talk about the parts of life that are less than perfect. She's incredibly genuine as she shares not only her triumphs but her struggles. There's a lot of fake people on the internet who like to make life look like one perfect Instagram feed, and Alison's not one of them. Her blog is kinda like the behind the scenes of one endless adventure through this crazy thing called life.

You can follow Alison on Daily Moves and Grooves, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

Tanner is a Hawaiian photographer that will make you want to pack your bags and watch the sunrise and sunset in Hawaii every day for the rest of your life. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. 

Have I proven my point? Anyways, Tanner has yet to post a picture on Instagram that hasn't blown my mind. By the time you finish going through his feed, you'll be ready to travel the world with a camera and a few close friends. If you think mountains are better than beaches, you might be reevaluating after you've followed Tanner for a while. Oh, and he can also sing because apparently taking stellar pictures isn't enough talent.

Follow Tanner on Twitter and Instagram.

I went to high school with Hannah, and I want you all to remember this when she's walking down the Chanel runway and/or designing clothes for Paris Fashion Week in 2020. Hannah likes modeling and fashion, so she made a life out of it. She moved to LA, attended FIDM, started a blog and worked really hard to become someone who is easily my favorite fashion blogger. Hannah accessorizes with coffee, likes wearing black and doesn't take herself too seriously (as seen in her hilarious Instagram captions). She's only 21, but I think I want to be Hannah when I grow up.

Follow Hannah on everchic, Instagram and Tumblr,

Essena O'neill is an Australian model and vegan advocate who now has over 500k followers. This is so crazy for me to grasp because I started following her when she was in Year 11 of high school when she first started gaining popularity. Now, Essena has an impressive amount of followers, but none of this new-found fame has gone to her head. Instead, she uses social media to spread positivity and to raise awareness for issues close to her heart. It really doesn't get much better than that.

Follow Essena on Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr.

Cameron is a photographer in the Northwest whose selfie game is off da charts. His adventures will give you major wanderlust, his tweets/puns will make you laugh (and feel super inspired at the same time), his relationship with his girlfriend Kimberlee will make you redefine your relationship goals, and his selfies will make you wonder if Kim Kardashian is an amateur when it comes to selfie-taking. Oh, and he takes some nice pictures too. Did I mention that over 16,000 people follow him on Instagram? Because by nice pictures, I meant pictures that will blow yo mind.

Follow Cameron on Instagram and Twitter.


I decided I liked Bela immediately when I found out she liked making jokes out of her name (i.e. bel(ugh), belaclava). Because all good friendships are founded on bad puns and good jokes. Bela's blog "Followed the Sun" documents Bela's favorite music, adventures, thoughts and ideas. Most of the time you'll be laughing and smiling as you read about her latest adventures with her best friend Carson. Other times, however, you'll feel ready to conquer the world with her empowering message about feminism and race in the modern world. Bela's basically who you wish you were when you were 15 and worried about boys and inconsequential things and feeling unsure about everything. She's got an incredible head on her shoulders, and she's only halfway through high school. If she's this good at 15, I can't wait to see what she does in the next few years.

Follow Bela on her blog and Twitter.

Photo by Chelsea Toves

You know those people who seem to be in a league of their own? Josh is one of these people. I started following him when (I thought) he was predominantly a nature/portrait photographer, but I soon realized that I shouldn't be so quick to label him. I've come to find that he can literally do anything. He could take pictures of my dirty room, and I would probably be obsessed with it. Lately he's been taking some incredible pictures of cars, and it's a 10/10 experience. Whether he's in the city or on top of a mountain, Josh is worth a look.

Follow Josh on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

If you haven't noticed, I've got mad respect for photographers. I think photographers are so incredibly talented in general, but Josefine is on another level. She takes amazing pictures of things she's created in the kitchen, and it is seriously beyond me how someone can take such nice pictures of food. All jokes aside, Josefine and her blog are such a happy little corner of the internet where she talks bout her love of big sweaters, rainy days, dancing, running, traveling, mornings, cups of tea and vegetarian meals. Basically, if you want instant happiness and a recipe or 10, she's your girl.

Follow Josefine on The Smoothie LoverPinterestTwitter and Instagram.

I've just started following Earl, but I already know that he's the next big thing. As his 'About Me' section says, "Earl Dignos is a 17 year old fashion student from Manila. He refuses to make his life monotonous or mundane. He likes sketching, painting and most of all writing. One day he will go to New York, have his own apartment, create a fashion show, have a modelling agency and buy his own Celine bag." His blog is the kinda place that you can accidentally spend a few hours surfing through with no regrets whatsoever. (I may or may not be saying that from experience.) 

Follow Earl on Instagram, TumblrYoutube, Twitter and Earl + In Vogue Blog

Besides being possibly the cutest human ever, Alissa is basically my soulmate. She likes making smoothies and banana ice cream, dancing to Taylor Swift, celebrating Christmas everyday, hiking, working hard, shall I continue? Last year Alissa went vegan, so she's spent the past 365 days spreading awareness for compassionate living and generally being the kindest/coolest person everrrr. 

Follow Alissa by finding inspiration on her main Tumblr or reading her personal thoughts in her journal.

 Prom Queen Breaks The Internet With Her Own Angelina Print Dress; Kyemah McEntyre Goes Viral | FashionGHANA.com: 100% African FashionYou remember Kyemah McEntyre, right? | The Girl With The Viral Prom Dress Just Designed Her First Red Carpet Look

If you think Cinderella doesn't exist, think again. Kyameh is a real life Cinderella except much better. She doesn't need a fairy godmother because she can and did design her own prom dress. Let that sink in. If you think it can't get any better, it can. She recently designed a red carpet gown for singer and actress Naturi Naughton. While her designs are amazing, I think her thoughts are even more incredible. She recently said, “I believe that in order for society to gain a wider horizon, we have to be willing to acknowledge other people from differences, beliefs, morals, and values. I would like to take this moment to say that you have to understand who you are because if you leave that space open, you leave your identity in the hands of society. Don’t let anyone define you. Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself.” Kyemah didn't let society define her, and I can't wait to see how her future designs will shake up our world. 

Follow Kyemah on Instagram and Twitter.

Really artistic pictures + a unique outlook on life and Jesus in the modern world + good advice = Marc Phun. Marc is a 20 year old from Perth, Western Australia, but he's currently attending the University of Oregon. With quotes like "I’m learning to make decisions that glorify God instead of please people.” and "We need His grace today as much as we needed it before we knew Him. A grace that transforms, renews, redeems. And when you receive this grace, peace will follow.” and "Comparing yourself with others takes away time that you could be building towards your potential. God has not called you to be like them, but like Him.” there's a 100% chance that you'll leave his blog feeling empowered and ready to serve God and others.

Follow Marc on Tumblr and Instagram

Emily is 100% sunshine and one of the most quotable people on the planet. As seen below:

When she's not inspiring you with some girl-power tweets, she's making you wish you were eating watermelon on the beach with her as she tells funny jokes. Emily uses her Instagram and Twitter to encourage people to love themselves and the life their living and is one of those people whose happiness is infectious. I've loved following Emily these past few months as she's hiked beautiful trails, eaten a lot of fruit, visited a lot of beaches, picked a lot of flowers and spread a lot of happiness wherever she goes.

Join Emily's adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

I found Ethan the modern way. When one of my friends retweeted him on Twitter. All of my friends were talking about some blog post entitled "Hey Girl", so I figured I should check it out. Ethan's blog is a place where he talks about faith without any sugarcoating. It's rare to find a college student who's so open to discuss modern issues and where God comes in, but Ethan does it fearlessly. And if you haven't noticed from the quote above, most things he says are pretty inspiring and/or quotable. 

Follow Ethan on Twitter and his website.

"Inspiration is everywhere and often in unexpected places: 
you just have to keep your eyes open."

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  1. YASSSSS <3 all amazing humans... but you forgot one... YOU!

  2. You are the best person ever!! (and should be on top of this post by miles)! This post made my day (and week and month and year). And I am so honored and thankful to be on this list. Especially because you made it :D
    All of the others sound like amazing people. Thank you so much for sharing - I'll look at their various blogs and accounts immediately.


  4. I love this list! So many great new people to check out (and I'm already following Alison and Leigha!). And Emily's tweets...so funny! I feel like she's tweeting directly from my brain hahaha.

  5. So many great suggestions! I just discovered your blog too so now I have lots to read :)


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