International Day of the Girl: Meet Maggie Royce

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."

Maggie Royce isn't waiting for someone to bring her flowers. Maggie's only 16 years old, and she's collaborating with major name brands (like Target!!!), creating her own social media empire (like her own website) and fitting high school work somewhere in that busy schedule. And she's probably doing it all while wearing pearls.

So today, as we continue our countdown to the International Day of the girl, I've interviewed a girl whose mind is full of happy thoughts, knowledge and a whole lotta love. 

I think we often care about the clothes a woman is wearing more than the woman who's actually wearing said clothes. When it comes to Maggie Royce, however, I think we need to talk about both. Maggie's sense of style is almost as incredible as her motivational thoughts and quick witted humor. She's a sophomore in high school who loves Jesus, finds endless joy in the ordinary and is full of hilarious puns,. She's the girl wearing a Lilly-Pulitzer dress and a blazer that won't hesitate to speak her mind. Maggie uses her blog to build up women, voice her thoughts and opinions on everything from fashion to feminism, discuss her struggles and triumphs and to spread a little bit of happiness around the internet.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Maggie Royce, I am a fifteen year old girl from North Carolina, and I blog over at! When I'm not rambling on the internet, I write for a few magazines and obsess over Jane Austen, cookies and hugs.

Who is the most inspiring woman in your life?

There are SO many, wow that's harder than I expected. I've grown up going to a sleep away camp since I was little and some of the most impacting women I've met were my counselors. They were all different ages and of different backgrounds. They've always been "big sister" influences on me. 

Have you ever faced gender based discrimination?

I don't talk about faith really at all on the internet. That's something I don't "push" but I am a Christian and attend a Christian School. There are some misinterpreted things in the Bible and the view/role of women that I don't think are ok. These views turn a lot of women off off Christianity. People who don't research these specific verses or understand them use them against women which isn't ok with me. 

Also, last year as a freshman in high school, I was the "new girl". I was thrown into a class history debate and really made my "mark". I am very passionate about debate/public speaking, it doesn't really phase me, so I went hard core in my debate and won. One of the guys on my team told me I shouldn't compete or try because I'm a girl. He then tried to defend his point with his faith, but if you research the Bible verses, that isn't what it's really saying at all. While it didn't "ruin" me - in fact it made me more passionate in my debate, it did really annoy me.

I am not the kind of girl to "flirt" (HA still don't know how to flirt) but something that did really annoy me after a debate was when another girl told me that I "needed to be more weak" and "the reason boys didn't date me" had to do with being "strong". I took that as a compliment, but it's always sort of bugged me that women put each other down and our society values getting a date more than brains.

I'm also the only girl on a boys varsity golf team, so that brings a lot of condescending "jokes" with many, many, many stories. 

What's one thing you wish all girls knew?

Again, wow, I have so many answers. I heard a statistic at a conference once about females "dumb-ing" themselves down during their teenage years to impress/make themselves more attractive to boys. That is always something that has resonated with me and really impacted me. I'm always working to take advantage of my education and study and not worry about how guys perceive me. If a guy genuinely likes me, he'll like that I'm smart and love things like reading and learning. 

Who's a female in the media that you look up to?

I have the utmost appreciation for Malala Yousafzai. She really showed me that a girl of a young age can stand firm in her faith and beliefs and not let anything stop her. If you haven't read her book, you need to. It's life changing.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter has always been a MAJOR "#girlcrush" for me too. I began reading the Harry Potter books in second grade and have always, always, always looked up to her. 

Recently I've fallen in love, obsessed really, with Jane Austen. Emma (from Emma) is very similar to me personality wise, and I really admire her strength and determination. Plus if you haven't seen the YouTube series Emma Approved, you have to. 

Also, Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries will forever be #goals. Side story: recently I won homecoming princess (proof that nerdy girls can win) for my grade and truly felt like Mia while riding in the car and wearing my tiara (if you remember that scene from Princess Diaries 2).

What's your go to girl power song?

SO MANY!! Beyonce is always a favorite and  Hillary Duff's "Hey Now" from the Lizzie McGuire movie is always a classic. "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson from The Princess Diaries soundtrack is another one of my favorites. 

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