Austin City Limits

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sometimes I think Austin City Limits (or ACL) was a deal breaker during my college decision process. There's not many cities that have 3 days of nonstop live music every October. Or a Whole Foods. Austin has both, so obviously me + Austin = a match made in heaven. 

After a long week of midterms and essays and too much homework, I got to spend my last days as an 18 year old seeing my favorite people perform. (More like crying as my favorite people performed.)

My brother, who is easily the coolest older brother ever, waited with me over 3 hours to get a front row view of George Ezra. He didn't sing "Breakaway" or bring Ian McKellan on stage, but it was arguably my favorite show at ACL.

And if you think it can't get much better than seeing George Ezra perform live, it can. I met Carson, Bela and Spencer when I was recovering from the concert. I was still very emotionally unstable, but it was the highlight of my weekend.

Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots almost brought my brother to tears when he dedicated "Tear In My Heart" to A$AP Rocky (just kidding, only The Weeknd can do that). 

All jokes aside, Tyler crowd surfed while playing the drums and then proceeded to climb on top of the actual stage. I was super impressed/super anxious when he did that.


When I wasn't watching concerts, I was eating one too many veggie burgers, reapplying sunscreen to my already burned face, wiping away tears (NO SHAME), trying in vain to find a little bit of shade or preparing myself for Drake by rapping "Back to Back" back to back.

Basically, I was doing everything but thinking about anything school related. Because it's not every weekend that Ben Howard and Vance Joy and MisterWives and Future and A$AP Rocky and every other famous person you've ever dreamed of meeting blesses you with their presence.


And to make this post/the whole weekend a little more cliche, the sun had to set absolutely perfectly. I never want to see another flash tattoo or dress with fringe or crop top again, but I wouldn't mind watching the sun set as Of Monsters and Men performs in the background every weekend.

"Dance like no one is watching. 
Because everyone is one their phones, so no one is really watching."

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  1. What an amazing birthday weekend! Seriously so jealous that you saw Ben Howard, George Ezra, and Twenty One Pilots all in one place <3. Happy belated birthday, you amazing girl you!


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