International Day of the Girl: Meet Théa Najarian

Monday, October 05, 2015


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"We rise by lifting others."

You know those people who constantly build others up? They're encouraging, respectful, inspiring. They love and accept you where you are at this very second while simultaneously pushing you to evolve into a better version of yourself. 

They're very intentional about their actions. They're hard workers who recognize other's effort. They're the type of people who constantly search for the good in others and in themselves. They're not interested in competing, they're interested in supporting. 

These kind of people are far and few and few between. These kind of people are a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. These kind of people are like Théa Najarian.

Where are you from? Do you think your country does enough for girls?

I’m from a little country in the middle east called Lebanon! I do think my country does enough for girls. Everyone is treated the same way. Men and women co-exist which is great. I’ll admit that there can be a lot of sexism from time to time sadly, as there is all around the world of course. That being said, I know a lot of women that are the head of companies, which is wonderful to see because if men can do it, women sure as hell can too.

What’s your best piece of advice for younger girls?

My advice would be this: always be yourself, don't change for anyone or anything because who you are is pretty amazing. And please don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible to reach. You can do anything you set your mind to. Lastly, be kind to others, and be kind to yourself.

Do you consider yourself a feminist (why/why not)?

Yes, I definitely consider myself a feminist. I think women are deserving of the same rights as men and that they should be treated respectfully. God created us to be equal, no one is better than anyone. Women are often seen as “pieces of meat” or like we are less than men. We cannot walk around at any time of day or night feeling completely safe. Instead, we worry that something might happen to us; which should never be the case. We have to have a man accompany us to ensure that nothing bad happens to us. We should be able to always feel at ease.

Nevertheless, I am so glad that women (and men) are uniting and working on making the future better for women. I love that feminism is becoming more and more important these days. Seeing people being brought together by something of the sort is truly remarkable.

What’s a dream you can’t stop thinking about?

My biggest dream is to work for Pixar. I’ve grown up being so fascinated by the creativity and the imagination behind movies like Monsters INC. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but after taking a year off after graduating from high school, I’ve had time to think. I said to myself 'I love film and I love animation, why don't I study this?' so that's what I’m doing. I’m taking courses in 3d animation among other things to be able to (hopefully) get into the New York Film Academy in 2016. I’m working really hard to be able to achieve this dream of mine.

You love watching WWE, taking pictures and cheering for the Baltimore Ravens. Wrestling, football and photography are often said to be "male dominated hobbies". What do you think of this label?

I don't think these things should be thought about this way! Or anything really. Nothing should be gendered. I should be able to enjoy these without being told 'but you're not a guy'. So what? Girls are allowed to love whatever it is that they want to love and have no one judge them for it. I remember when I was still in school, people found out that I love WWE (and I always have, since childhood) and all I would hear is 'that's weird, you're a girl' etc. I would also get made fun of for it, but I’ve learned to ignore the jabs and just not care. NFL, wrestling and photography make me the happiest, so that's what matters. No one has a say in what I like or do but me.

Who are some strong women that have inspired you/shaped you into the person you are today?

Woah, that's a difficult question! I have so many female role models that I aspire to be like. I’d say that the main one is Ellen DeGeneres. I’ve been watching her for years, and I find her to be such an incredible, fearless and positive spirit who spreads love and kindness wherever she goes and with whatever she does. I think everyone would agree with me when I say that she manages to put a smile on my face and inspire me every single day. There are two other women that I respect immensely as well. The first one being my mother who is truly the toughest, most hard working woman that I’ve ever known. She keeps encouraging me to be better and always goes out of her way to sit down with me and have long, helpful talks and I don't know where I’d be without her. The second woman, is the champion, Ronda Rousey. She a major feminist and does a lot of charity work. She works hard and believes women are strong, beautiful, amazing and unstoppable. She always sends out positive messages about so many important issues, and I admire her so much. I was just watching her interview with Ellen today, and I was actually brought to tears with how incredible she truly is.

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