Don't Forget The Little Moments

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I love pictures of mountaintop views and skyscrapers. I love pictures of people standing in the middle of a forest full of gorgeous trees or in front of a beautiful blue ocean. I love pictures of the stars and a full moon that almost look unreal. But sometimes it's the little things that we don't usually photograph that are the most important.

This is my mom cooking at the stove. Growing up, this was something I saw almost everyday. It was just my mom cooking at the stove. Nothing new, nothing special. It was something that was just ordinary.

This picture was taken on a Saturday night in December. My mom and I decided to stay in and make a chocolate cake from scratch together. It was a little bit cold outside, and we had Christmas music playing. My cough/flu medicine is in the background, the lighting isn't the
perfect" natural light, and my mom looks a little tired, but I remember feeling really happy. I remember sneaking tastes of the batter (I guess it's not really sneaking if my mom noticed. I'm 19, and she still knows when I do this) and getting chocolate everywhere. I remember the Christmas shirt my mom was wearing and my dad stealing the bowl from me so he could eat the leftover batter. It's a messy picture, but it was a perfect moment.

I didn't originally plan on taking any pictures that night, but my camera was on one of the counters, and I remember grabbing it, trying to capture a bit of the happiness I felt. I didn't give this picture much thought when I took it but now that I'm in college, I'm so glad I took this picture because I rarely get to see this sight anymore.

So the moral of this rambly story? Don't forget to take pictures of the nights you stay in and bake a cake with your mom. Because sometimes those end up being your favorites. 

"The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments
you spend smiling with someone who matters to you."

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  1. Yes as the years go by my husband and I have realized that it's not the scenic shots that are the most important, it's the people we love who were there. There are more portraits and fewer landscapes in our photos now.


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