You Are Destined For Something Far Greater Than A Smaller Pair Of Jeans // NEDA Week

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. While this could be considered quite a dismal week, I've found it to be overwhelmingly empowering. Discussing any mental illness can be extremely emotional and difficult, yet I think it's so important to talk about the messy bits of life. It's important to occasionally let your walls down and be completely vulnerable. Because in that vulnerability there is also immense strength.

I'm still constantly learning and growing, yet over the years I've come to recognize that every single person has something going on; even the people who seem to have everything together. While some people's problems might be bigger than yours, it doesn't mean that your problems are any less important. Everyone has a story to tell, and they each individual story is so important.

I spent a large portion of my life believing my story was unimportant. I always told an abridged version of my story because I thought fighting an eating disorder was something to be embarrassed of. I thought it made me imperfect or a disappointment. I thought it made me weak. But this is the furthest thing from the truth.

Mental illnesses are a bit of hell on earth, and we need to talk about them. There's nothing more miserable than refusing to meet up with friends at your favorite restaurant because you're terrified of being less than perfect. There's nothing more painful than constantly lying to your mom and assuring everyone that you're fine. There's nothing more tiring than counting calories and never feeling pleased with the number on the scale. There's nothing that hurts more than looking in the mirror and not recognizing your own reflection.

You were not made to spend your days hating the skin you're in. You were not made to be at war with your body. You were not made by a God who created the stars and the ocean and the big blue sky to let numbers define you. You were not made to look in the mirror and see anything less than a creation of a God who does not make mistakes. You were not made to spend your time worrying about what you'll eat for lunch. Your life's work is not to lose 20 pounds or to eat exactly 1500 calories a day. Your happiness does not depend on the size of your jeans. You are destined for so much more. 

You deserve a life that you love. You deserve love and respect from yourself and others. You deserve peace and happiness. You deserve to spend your time doing things you love with people you love. You deserve to worry about something more important than the number on the scale or the number of calories you eat in a day. You deserve to find a lasting happiness that can not be found in a smaller pair of pants or something as insignificant as a scale.

The only size eating disorders come in is miserable, and you were not created to live each and every day feeling anything less than happiness. Whether you've recovered from an eating disorder or are still fighting, your story is terribly important. It's one that's worth telling, even if it gets a bit messy for a chapter or 10. Don't be afraid to talk, listen, and love. Because you are so very important and destined for something far greater than a smaller pair of jeans. Even if you don't think so.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder, please click here for eating disorder help links. Some of the best days of your life haven't happened yet. There's so many nice people to meet and nice places to see. Don't let your story end when the chapter is far from finished.

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5 Happy Thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing this...
    I have kept my story "abridged" for similar reasons as well...but I recently have made huge strides in my recovery and am trying to be more open about it.

    Hope you are doing well girlie :)

  2. You're amazing Katherine, never let your shine dull and never let any part of your life become abridged. You are a mountain, not a speed bump - someone to be admired and not overlooked. you are strong and beautiful and inspiring. I love "the only size and eating disorder comes in is miserable" and it is so so true. Keep on keeping on, and know that you have a sea of supporters that you don't even realize are always there <3

  3. This is so beautifully written. And true with every word. Mental illness does not discriminate. No matter the "severeness" there is still just as much pain and struggle and everyone deserves to have their story heard. Thank you so much for your writing and I am glad to have found your blog!

  4. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I want to shout this all from the rooftops. It’s similar to A LOT of my own writing. Almost word for word. Love the advocacy.


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