A Letter To My Brother's Future Wife // He's A Bit Of Magic

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear You,

My brother is arguably the most annoying person on the planet.

He thinks he's funnier than me (false), and he thinks he's smarter than me (honestly, this one is probably true). He always thinks he's right (even when he's very, very wrong), and when he's not playing basketball, he's probably thinking about basketball, wishing he was playing basketball, or checking the score of, you guessed it, a basketball game. He keeps a pair of drumsticks in his car to use at stop lights, and he has an extremely accurate memory (that unfortunately helps him win a lot of arguments). He tells me that any outfit I put on is "perfect" just to hurry me up, and he's an awful driver.

Basically, my brother is infuriating. In fact, he's the absolute worst. But I had the honor of loving him first.

The first time I ever met my brother, he asked my parents when they were taking me back to the hospital. He was very confused to discover that I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Once he got over that initial shock, the tall boy with brown eyes that sparkled became best friends with the curly haired girl with big green eyes.

And just like that, 19 years flew by.

She spent hot summer days watching him play baseball, and he spent crisp fall evenings watching her play basketball. They wore matching Santa-themed sweatsuits for her 2nd Christmas (If you think I'm lying, look at the picture above), and they both dressed up as baseball players for her 3rd Halloween. He tried to teach her how to play the guitar, and she tried to convince him to go on long walks around the neighborhood. He preferred evenings and she preferred mornings, but they both loved spending afternoons having indoor picnics in pillow forts. She blinked, and he graduated from elementary school, then middle school, and finally high school. And then he was gone.

Everything changed, but he didn't. Her first year of college, he drove there and back and there and back, just to see her for a few hours. He waited in the Texas heat just so she could be front row for a George Ezra concert, and he didn't get angry when she, with her terrible singing voice, sang along to Twenty One Pilots during road trips. He patiently taught her how to play "Black Flies" by Ben Howard on guitar, and he bought a second pair of drumsticks to keep in his car just for her. He took her to parties and wouldn't have a drop of alcohol or let boys near her, and he opened the car door for her on the way home. He drove her to basketball games and concerts and Whole Foods. And she began to realize that he is the absolute worst, but he is also the greatest thing that has ever happened to her.

Earlier this month I was laying in bed, half asleep at 2 AM, when my phone went off. I groggily rolled over to read the text. It was from my brother, and it said "You're kinda my best friend."

You might be wondering why any of this information is relevant to you, my brother's future wife, but if you're going to marry my brother, you should know that he's the absolute worst. Yet he deserves nothing less than the absolute best. He's put up with me for my entire life which is a monumental task in itself. He's sometimes (always) not funny, and he probably knows what Tim Duncan ate for dinner last night, but if you look a bit deeper, the magic starts to unfold.

My brother is never on the fence about those he cares about most. In fact, he'll jump fences to be with you and show you he cares. He'll never let you pay for dinner, and he'll listen to everything you have to say. He'll laugh at your jokes (even when they're not funny), but he'll never laugh at your dreams. He'll take you to new places, singing along to his favorite songs with the windows down, and he'll make even the most ordinary of days seem full of joy and adventure. He'll stop on the side of the road so you can see the bluebonnets, and he'll ask you "what's your favorite song today?" every morning.

I think there's a little bit of magic inside everyone, but Harrison is the most magical person I've ever encountered. You can get angry at him. You can think he's the most annoying person to exist (I sure do sometimes), but at the end of the day, he's a son, a brother, and soon to be a husband. He's the songs stuck in his head, the dreams he wants to achieve, and a person worth knowing; worth fighting for. And I hope you fight for him.

At the end of the day, amidst all this rambling, all I ask is that you love him. He's full of basketball statistics and sarcasm and a little bit of genius mixed with a whole lot of stupid, and I hope you spend the rest of your life figuring it all out.

He's magic. Really. I know he thinks he's incredibly lucky to have found you, and he's probably right, but I hope you recognize how lucky you are to have found him. My brother is anything but ordinary, and I had the honor of loving him first.


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